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Thanking our support circles

During the Thanksgiving break I started to reflect on my academic career now that I’m in my senior year of college and personal journey to get where I am now. One of the challenges of being a low income first generation college student is that we’ve been used to...

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Happy Holidays!

The end of the semester is FINALLY here! I am so excited. The only down side is that this is typically about the time of the year I also get sick so I am dealing with that. Luckily though, my final tests aren't too bad this semester so I'm just knocking them out as...

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Ace the Interview: Preparation Advice

Get your resumes ready - recruiting season is in full swing. Whether you’re an underclassmen looking for that first internship, or graduating senior hoping to land a full time job, preparing for applications and interviews can be a struggle. So, what is the best way...

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I am here, both frightened and empowered.

“I am both frightened and empowered (as the few students of color on campus)” N.G.*, a first year student, shared to the prospective students in the room. And I thought to myself, wow, that is also me. At this predominantly white institution, I am frighten as a...

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College Fears (Halloween Edition)

One thing that was kind of good about being the first in my family to apply to college was that I didn’t have many fears when I started applying to colleges my senior year of high school. I knew that people from my high school usually received more than enough...

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A real take on choosing a major

I had a flashback today, back to last year: my sophomore year. It happened as I was looking at classes for next semester for pre-registration that's coming up for Whitman. My major is geology-environmental studies. Ever since my first semester freshman year, I loved...

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Fall is Here!

My favorite time of the year is finally here! Fall is without a doubt the best season. I can finally break out my dusty sweaters and go the whole day without sweating in the humid heat of Houston. Of course, with that comes the closing of the semester and all the...

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Asking for a Letter of Recommendation

If you are ever trying to learn more about a person without really asking them the question " What are you like?" one way to do it, is by asking someone who they work closely with. They would be able to give you a fair judgement on the charter of the person that you...

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Senior year!   Man it seems like that was so long. But I will tell you that year was intense. What scared me the most was the fear of not knowing where I would end up. Everyone would be asking me: "Dave what are you doing or what do you plan on doing with your...

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